As far back as I can remember, I enjoyed playing with lake rocks.  I would visit my grandparents' cottage on Lake Ontario and spend hours on the beach sorting the rocks.  Now I go back to the very same beach each summer for my family reunion.  Early mornings are spent walking the beach to see what treasures the tide has brought in. The 'glacier drift' rocks that I gather are unique to the shores of Lake Ontario. The lake rocks and beach glass of my Earth and Sand Collection hold the fascination of childhood, memories of my grandparents and the joy of time spent with family.

‚ÄčI have always been fascinated with glass.  As a child, I would accompany my mother to art shows to add to her collection of cut glass and art glass. The sun shining through my mother's glass collection in our window would make the room dance with color! I would just sit in amazement at the beauty of the reflections.

When a friend asked if I wanted to take a glass bead making class with her, I jumped at the chance!  Besides the joy of creating in a medium I loved, working at the torch with glass became a way to relieve the stress of teaching high school mathematics.  The hum of the oxygen concentrator and the hiss of the torch set a tranquil mood for my creativity.  I am retired now, stress level is way down, and I continue to love the relaxing feeling I get working with glass. 

In addition to making traditional  beads from  glass rods, I also make free form beads  with repurposed glass from bottles, jars, lanterns and stained glass scraps. After classes at Brazee Street Studio in Cincinnati, I have also added fused glass to my Fire Collection.

The Fire Collection lets me share my love of the beauty of glass while it reflects the serenity I feel while working with glass at the torch and in the kiln.

   Fire Collection

Raw materials for Fire Collection

Moretti and Bullseye glass rods


Raw materials for Earth and Sand Collection

Glass bottles and jars to repurpose


Glass fragments ready for the torch and the kiln


Lake Ontario rocks collected

Lake Ontario beach glass collected


Earth and Sand Collection